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For when it's too hot to handle


LCR Hallcrest has worked closely with RadAlert Ltd in the design and development of a new retail too hot warning indicator for radiators. RadAlertTM, a magnetic strip that changes colour from black to red provides a visible alert to high temperatures.


Using temperature reactive colour change technology applied to light weight magnetic strips, RadAlertTM strips are designed to respond to the temperature surface by changing colour to show when it is too hot to touch and a potential burn danger.

Adult skin burns at a contact temperature of 47 degrees, however those more vulnerable, such as babies, children and the elderly have a contact skin burn temperature much lower at 43 degrees, and many household radiators and items such as oven fronts and kettles are a potential danger.

Placed on radiators they change from black to a bright red warning when the temperature is too hot and they are close to contact burn temperature.

RadAlertTM is available as a retail item and can be purchased online at www.radalert-ltd.co.uk

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