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Unique Thermochromic Label

Sector: Special Effect


Too Hot Thermochromic Label for Pizza Boxes


To ensure pizza is at the correct temperature to enjoy when it arrives at the customers’ door!


The solution several pizza delivery companies have taken to overcome this issue is to incorporate thermochromic ink in the form of a temperature sensitive colour changing label onto the outside lid of their pizza boxes which will show if the temperature of the contents have dropped below an acceptable temperature at which to eat a pizza, usually around about 45° C. We created a simple binary colour changing thermochromic label, supplied on rolls for easy peel and sticking by hand onto the lid of the box, or by automatic machine application. The label changes from red when hot to black if it falls below the temperature. The benefits of this are that the pizza company can use the unique feature in their local marketing, highlighting the aim of pizza home delivered at the perfect temperature, while also giving delivery staff a measurable visible cue to work with. A win-win all round.

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