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Food Safety and Hygiene - Monitoring Temperature Control

LCR Hallcrest manufacture a wide range of food safety thermometers and temperature indicators, combining technological innovation with accuracy.

The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology ISO 9001 certificate

We ensure our products have met the high standards set by our industries hygiene specialists.

Our easy to use products and technology aim to provide safety within the Food sector. They can be introduced to monitor and verify temperature critical processes immediately.

Here you will find products to help control or eliminate the presence, growth and effects of harmful bacteria, and to aid due diligence whilst meeting HACCP requirements.

We formulate, microencapsulate and manufacture all our thermometer products within our UK or US laboratories and production facilities. We have a range of stock products available and are able to produce any new design and temperature formulation to suit your requirements.

Additional product information sheets are available for download, plus a section on field case studies and press cuttings.