LCR Hallcrest is able to supply a range of materials that change either reversibly or permanently in response to different wavelengths of UV light such as sunlight.

These photochromic dyes can be used to create a wide range of effects changing from colourless to a wide range of colours in their “excited” state when exposed to sunlight by an outside UV source such as sunlight allowing an untold number of applications.

These dyes in their raw state can be difficult to use so for some applications we microencapsulate them enabling them to be used in a wider range of applications.

Photochromics are generally available in the following formats:-

  • Dyes Direct use in materials able to solubilise them
  • Slurries Used in aqueous systems
  • Powders Used in non-aqueous systems where protection is required
  • Inks Printing onto papers, plastics and textiles
  • Labels Used on finished products

+44 1244 817107

+44 1244 817107