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  • Food Safety

    Food Safety


    A wide range of accurate, easy to use food safety thermometers.

    Food Safety

    LCR Hallcrest manufacture a wide range of food safety thermometers and temperature indicators, combining technological innovation with accuracy. Our easy to use products and technology aim to provide safety within the Food sector. They can be introduced to monitor and verify temperature critical processes immediately.


    Here you will find products to help control or eliminate the presence, growth and effects of harmful bacteria and to aid due diligence whilst meeting HACCP requirements. We formulate, microencapsulate and manufacture all of our thermometers within our UK or US laboratories and production facilities. We have a range of stock products available and we are able to produce any new design and temperature formulation to suit your requirements. Additional product information sheets are available in our Download Centre.

  • Industrial



    A comprehensive range of Irreversible and Reversible Labels.

    Irreversible Labels

    A range of Irreversible temperature indicators available over a range of -17°C to +1270°C (+1°F to +2318°F) which are used in numerous applications such as Food, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and Engineering.

    Reversible Labels

    Digitemp and EasyRead is our extensive range of Reversible temperature labels available over a range of 0°C to 100°C which are used in numerous applications such as Food, Medical, Babycare, Promotional and Education.

  • Special Effect Coatings

    Special Effect Coatings


    A range of Special Effect Pigments, Inks and Plastics.

    Chameleon Inks & Coatings

    LCR Hallcrest produce Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, Photochromic and Liquid Crystal Inks, Coatings and finished items that change colour to solve their customers' needs.

    Having been at the forefront of specialist ink technology since 1969 and achieving many awards in the process, our Group are global leaders in the manufacture and development of these interactive materials.

    Our experience and ability allows us to help at each stage of a project involving colour change, from ideation sessions with clients and their marketing agencies who are looking at increasing brand positioning, through to discussions with the designers to ensure that the materials are used to their full capabilities and finally, with the printers themselves to ensure that the best reactions are achieved. We work with print management companies to fulfill a brief or, we can produce final product. Wherever Colour Change technology is required, we can help to realise your specific goals.

    As one of the only companies in the world to use its own products in the manufacture of finished articles, LCR Hallcrest can offer a wealth of experience as to how these materials work, the type of environment they are used in and the best way to achieve the most impact and WOW factor.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Bespoke Solutions


    We offer in-house Project Management, Design, Development, Manufacturing and Packaging.

  • Consumer



    A comprehensive range of safety thermometers for your baby and home.


    LCR Hallcrest manufacture a wide range of child and baby safety thermometers and temperature indicators, combining technological innovation with accuracy and child friendly designs.



  • Education & Research

    Education & Research


    Thermosmart® products are exciting and captivating tools for use in the learning environment.


    These products change colour at different temperatures allowing students to visually connect with what is happening, creating a colourful and engaging learning experience.

    The thermosmart® range of educational products can be used in all 4 Key Stages of the Science curriculum, take a look at our Key Stage suggestions for ideas.

    The beauty of these interactive learning pieces is that they can be used repeatedly making them very cost effective.

  • Healthcare



    Instant, accurate, easy to read Thermometers for the Medical and Healthcare market.

    Forehead Anaesthesia

    Continuous Temperature Trend Monitoring for the Peri-Operative Environment. With an easy to read Moving Line, they are comparable to Esophageal Probes. Fast, Disposable and Latex Free


    Digital Temperature Event Monitoring for the Peri-Operative Environment, ideal for monitoring trends and watching for Hypo/Hyperthermia. Pre and Post-Op Surveillance for hospital and home use. Available as both disposable and reusable. Latex Free

    Drug Testing

    BRITELINE® and BRITEVENT® Urine Specimen Temperature Verification Thermometer, Easy to Read Digital Event Strip with Adhesive Backing .

  • Promotional



    Temperature sensitive promotional products from the Colour Change Specialists

    Award Winning Technology

    LCR Hallcrest is a world leader in the research and production of Thermochromic and Liquid Crystal products and has been at the forefront of specialist ink techniques for over 25 years, producing a breadth of ideas from new safety products to cleverly devised promotions with 'Smart' colour changing technology.

    During this time the Company's innovation and creativity has led to us winning numerous industry awards.