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  • Babysafe Bath Thermometers

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    Bath Safety

    Don't just stick your elbow in - now a range of thermometers is available that are quick and easy to use, and in attractive designs and shapes. Simply dip the thermometer into the bath water once it is run.

    Bath Thermometer
    The safe unbreakable liquid crystal thermometer spans temperatures from 25°C to 60°C, and shows when the water temperature is too hot or cold. A tick appears when the water is just the right temperature.

    Anti-Scald Gauge
    Additionally, check that your boiler hot water temperature is not too scalding hot by using an Anti-Scald Gauge.This is a temperature indicator which you put into hot water run from your hot tap. It will show if your hot water is within a safe temperature range, or too hot and potentially able to scald.


    Additional Information

    Our stock products are available from 250 pieces minimum, with or without your logo printed onto them (go to www.tlc-line.com). Or we can manufacture your design or shape from 5000 pieces minimum


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