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  • R&D Non Destructive Testing

    R&D Non Destructive Testing


    Research and test products for learning and non destructive analysis.

    Flow Visualisation

    We have a range of temperature-sensitive and shear-sensitive unsealed LC mixtures for flow visualization in fluids and on solid surfaces Also, temperature-sensitive microencapsulated TLC slurries for use as tracer particles in fluid flow visualization.

    Heat Transfer

    In our range is temperature-sensitive microencapsulated, TLC coatings for heat transfer studies, thermal mapping and NDT Polyester sheets coated with microencapsulated TLC mixtures for thermal mapping and NDT. Also available is compatible black backing paints, protective overcoats and binder systems.

  • Thermal Mapping

    Thermal Mapping


    Thermocolour Liquid Crystal sheets that change colour depending on temperature.


    Thermochromic Sheets provide an exciting way to see thermal mapping changes through colour.

    The sheets are a valuable resource for teachers to use in Key Stages 1 through to 4 to demonstrate; CONDUCTION, INSULATION, CONVECTION, RADIATION, FRICTION and many other experiments involving temperature change.

  • Thermometer Labels

    Thermometer Labels


    Flexible, unbreakable Liquid Crystal Thermometers that change colour depending on temperature.


    Liquid Crystal is widely used for temperature measurement due to its accuracy. It is presented in the form of a flat, unbreakable and flexible thermometer.

    Each temperature event is made from a liquid crystal mixture and can be formulated to an accuracy of ±0.5°C.

  • UV Safety Card

    UV Safety Card


    Gauge the strength of the sun's ultraviolet rays giving measurement against a temperature scale.


    The card incorporates a UV sensitive area that changes to a shade of purple when exposed to sunlight.