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  • Food Cooking

    Food Cooking


    Temperature probes to ensure correct safe eating temperature.

    Food Safety

    Cooking foods to a temperature that will kill any harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter is important to prevent illness. This particularly applies to cooking poultry to the correct safe eating temperature.

    Instant Cooking Temperature Sensors

    These unique food grade polycarbonate Cookcheck® cook sensors allow you to check that food is properly cooked to temperatures that kill harmful bacteria. Use with all conventional cooking methods, microwaves and barbeques.

    Simply insert the special sensor tip into the cooking food and a vivid colour change will show when the food is "cooked" and safe to eat. For Poultry, Steaks, Burgers, Sausages, Lamb, Pork and Fish. Ideal for BBQ's.

  • Food Storage

    Food Storage


    Reduce bacteria growth through correct storage temperatures.

    Food Safety

    Temperature control and measurement is a key factor in product quality, hygiene and safety. Checking temperatures and recording them are essential to ensuring that a working HACCP system can be demonstrated.

    Chilled Food Storage

    Domestic fridges should be kept at 5°C or below in their coldest chilled zone (usually at the bottom above the vegetable tray). Commercial chillers should store raw meats at not above 4°C and dairy product not above 5°C.

    Cooked/Hot Food Storage

    Just as importantly, hot cooked food is required to be kept at specific temperatures. The hotzone™ indicator monitors the temperature of commercial hot food cabinets revealing a warning symbol when the temperature falls below it's activation temperature of 63°C.

  • Packaging



    Simple temperature monitoring systems ideal for food and beverage packaging.


    Our technology can be applied to a variety of packaging. Adding a simple temperature sensitive area, ensures that ideal consumption temperature is met so purchasers wont be let down by your product. Thermochromic ink can also reveal if food is too hot to consume safely.

  • Warewashing



    Temperature labels to ensure dishwasher Sterilisation has been achieved.

    Thermostrip Temperature Indicators

    Thermostrip® Indicators ensure dishwasher sterilisation temperatures have been achieved. They have been developed to withstand the extreme conditions of an industrial dishwasher to form part of HACCP procedures for evidence of due diligence giving permanent record of temperature sterilisation temperatures being achieved. Using Thermostrip® on a dish surface with each wash cycle will provide a record that the correct sterilisation temperature has been reached.