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  • Fridge, Chiller & Freezer

    Fridge, Chiller & Freezer


    Fast, accurate temperature monitoring systems for Fridge, Chiller and Freezer.

    Our Fridge, Chiller and Freezer Thermometers are used to give accurate indication of correct temperature settings both domestically and commercially, ensuring that food is stored at the correct temperature.

    Used by many commercial food outlets including supermarkets and endorsed by many health and food regulatory bodies these thermometers are used to monitor food storage temperatures allowing you to meet Food Safety Requirements and HACCP Guidelines.

    **Please note that all products in this category are made to order and not held in stock**

  • Hot Food Storage

    Hot Food Storage


    HOTZONE™ Food temperature monitoring - Low Temperature Warning System

    The Hotzone temperature monitors change colour at a formulated temperature to indicate when the temperature of hot food is no longer hot enough. The Hotzone Bracket Indicator reveals a warning symbol only when the temperature falls below its activation temperature of 63°C. The Hotzone monitor is used for checking cabinets where hot cooked food is required to be kept at specific temperatures (hot cooked food cabinets within supermarkets, restaurants, shops, bakeries, bars, school kitchens, hospitals and other food establishments where hot cooked food is stored). In addition, Irreversible Temperature Labels are available which indicate the top temperature reached in cooking or storage.

    Hotzone monitors allow you to meet your critical limits for hot food storage and to meet Food Safety regulations and HACCP guidelines. Provides due diligence information, no power or maintenance is required and they are clear and easy to read and check.