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  • Interactive Plastics

    Interactive Plastics


    Advanced Chromatic Technology with our range of quality thermochromic and photochromic resins

    Award Winning Technology

    Our Advanced Chromatic Technology provides superior colour quality and durability, resulting in products that can create a colour change effect repeatedly over time. With an extensive range of colours we can create almost any colour required! Our experience in injection moulding, blow moulding and extruding, covers many million of products.

  • Interactive Print

    Interactive Print


    Interactive and versatile colour changing inks ideal for eye catching promotional materials.

    Award Winning Technology

    Our Inks can be used for mailers, leaflets, game cards, childrens´ stickers and collector cards, magazine covers, educational question & answer cards, on-pack/off-pack promotions, coasters and P.O.S material.

    Any area can be covered by our ink and the clarity of the revealed image is excellent.

  • Thermometers



    Combining technological innovation and accuracy with striking designs.

    Award Winning Technology

    Our superior knowledge of the production and printing of liquid crystal ensures that the client receives the highest quality and most reliable liquid crystal products on the market today.

    Our wide range of temperature indicators make excellent promotional items. They are easily read, incorporate plenty of space for branding when mounted onto a backing card of your design and can be formulated to your desired temperature scale and size.