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  • Phosphorescent Plastics

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    Our Phosphorescent Pellets/Masterbatch has been specially manufactured for injection moulding and extrusion and can be added to many types of standard plastic materials with ease to create stunning 'Glow in the Dark' effects whether the resulting products be for fun or safety purposes.

    Phosphors radiate visible light after being energized and require exposure to light for a while before they will glow in the dark. Phosphors then slowly release their stored energy over time. As they release the energy, they emit small amounts of light, which we see as an object glowing.

    Used in the production of Toys, Bangles, Wristbands, Spoons, Shot Glasses, Bottles, Barware, Jewellery, Headwear, Pet Collars, Signs, Keyrings and much more 'Phosphorescent' MB can enhance and illuminate many moulded products.

    BPA Free & Phthalate Free


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    Neutral pellets which when moulded and activated change to a vibrant yellowy green glow. The masterbatch is compatible with numerous plastic materials (PP, PE, PS, PET, TPE and PC,).

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