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Food Storage: Fridge, Chillers and Freezer

Fast, accurate temperature monitoring systems based on proprietary colour change technology

Our Fridge, Chiller and Freezer Thermometers are used to give accurate indication of correct temperature settings both domestically and commercially, ensuring that food is stored at the correct temperature. Used by many commercial food outlets including supermarkets and endorsed by many health and food regulatory bodies these thermometers are used to monitor food storage temperatures allowing you to meet Food Safety Requirements and HACCP Guidelines.

Chillcheck™ Temperature Monitoring System

These well established Chiller and Freezer temperature indicators incorporate specialist thermochromic liquid crystal technology and are specially developed to monitor the cold air and food temperatures in all parts of supermarket chiller and freezer cabinets, glass fronted deli cabinets and walk in cold rooms and freezers.

These indicators quickly identify specific faults such as localised temperature problems and warm spots within a refrigerator cabinet. They are also used in conjunction with alarm or remote computerised temperature monitoring systems, where localised problems often do not show up on centralised digital displays, cabinet dials or computerised systems.

These can include blocked air grills, disrupted cold air curtain, airflow blocked or disrupted by food products, overfilled cabinets or icing up. The temperature indicators allow immediate action to be taken before food temperatures have risen above maximum limits.

Download Chillcheck™ Food Temperature Monitoring pdf

Cold chain temperature monitoring

Coldzone™ Temperature Monitoring System

European requirements for storing chilled food within domestic refrigerators. Indicator turns green at and below its temperature rating, highlighting the word ‘OK’. A 5°C indicator will reveal OK at 5°C and below.

The thermometer is normally used in conjunction with a moulded plastic carrier to enable the label to maintain its visual indication when the fridge door has been opened (to meet guidelines the word ‘OK’ should remain visible for at least 30 seconds once the fridge door is opened, to remove any ambient temperature influences). This will also allow a far more accurate temperature reading to be made.

Also available without the white plastic carrier, the self-adhesive liquid crystal ‘OK’ indicators are supplied on sheets for easy removal.

Download Coldzone™ Fridge Temperature Monitoring pdf

These fridge thermometers are available for 5°C and 7.5°C but can be made to any temperature range required.

New Thermometers: Above or below temperature indicator

Developed in LCR Hallcrest’s UK labs these new Fridge Thermometers show when the temperature is either at the correct temperature point (in green), or when the temperature is above (red arrow) or below that point (blue arrow).

  • Vertical Fridge Thermometer60mm x 240mm

Also available 15mm x 50mm for fridges, chillers, and chilled deliveries.

new moving line thermometers

Developed in LCR Hallcrest's laboratories these unique new moving line thermometers are the first in liquid crystal technology to move clearly and continuously up and down the scale, like a traditional glass thermometer allowing temperatures to be quickly and easily monitored.