In House R&D

Having a team of 8 people dedicated to the continual improvement and development of new materials and processes LCR Hallcrest prides itself on being innovative and responding to their customer’s needs.

Areas of expertise

LCR Hallcrest specialises in the following fields:-

  • Thermochromism – temperature measurement through colour change.
  • Photochromism – detecting the presence of light through colour change.
  • Hydrochromism – detecting the presence of water through colour change.
  • Microencapsulation – protection of sensitive materials through formation of an outer wall

Simple and easy to understand

The aim of our team is to use the above processes to develop finished products that are accurate, non-toxic and easy to use that meet the needs of our customers.

Above all we love a challenge!

+44 1244 817107

+44 1244 817107