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Safety Temperature Testing

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Bespoke Temperature Measuring Products

Forehead Temperature Indicators for Anaesthesia


Bespoke temperature monitoring products

Reduce bacteria growth through
correct storage temperatures


Bespoke temperature monitoring products

Album cover for Grammy Award
winning rock band Muse


Bespoke temperature monitoring products

Creating custom coatings for
thermal mapping



Forehead and anaesthesia thermometer labels



Bespoke custom temperature labels


Safety temperature labels and indicators for your baby and home


Thermometer labels and indicators for science education


Colour changing inks and plastics


LCR Hallcrest – the world’s largest producer of colour changing, temperature sensitive indicating graphic devices and materials

LCR Hallcrest is the world’s largest manufacturer of colour change materials, specialising  in the micro-encapsulation of Liquid Crystal compounds and the development and manufacturing of Labels, Inks and Raw Materials. In addition to this, LCR has developed a range of Thermochromic, Hydrochromic and Photochromic materials that are also available as Printing Inks, Labels and Plastic Concentrates.

LCR´s commanding position is based on over 40 years’ experience of manufacturing advanced temperature measuring devices for almost any purpose or application. This combined with absolute commitment to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 and ongoing research and development programmes clearly defines LCR as the International leader in its field and remain the number one manufacturer of colour change materials .

This capability translates into exciting colour changing materials that produce a wide range of applications, from the precision necessary to monitor body temperature Clinitrend™ (a forehead thermometer used in the surgical setting), to the whimsical mood ring of the 60´s. We offer a combination of standard temperature sensitive colour changing products and custom designs produced to your specification.

Our thermochromic inks have been used on special edition LP and CD sleeves, have made book covers stand out, and have created touch reactive sprayed flooring for exhibitions. As a manufacturer of colour change materials in the UK we have worked with leather and furniture makers, bar tops and wallpaper, as well as state of the art clothing, swim wear, trainers and T shirt printers. Our inks printed on ceramic tiles change colour in a hot shower room; and when sprayed on vodka bottles they turn blue when chilled in the freezer.

Our range of colour changing plastics are added into temperature indicating parts in medical equipment, colour change coffee mugs, and children’s heat sensitive safety spoons and cups.

Do contact us to discuss your idea or product requirement.

Full details of our colour changing Print, Inks and Plastics can be found here.