Return-to-Work Coronavirus Safety Temp Tests

Keep your staff and your business safe.

Protect your staff and safeguard  your business when the lock down is lifted, with our COVID-19 Safety Temp Tests.

The majority of people have still not been infected, so when workers do return you need to know very quickly if any staff member’s temperature begins to rise, so that you can take action as soon as possible, rather than later when more of the workforce may have been infected.

By using a forehead thermometer that is included in our COVID-19 safety temp tests to check staff temperatures when they arrive for work, it can be quickly seen and noted if their temperature deviates at all from their norm.

It is advisable to repeat temperature testing at least once more, later during their working time.

We have two alternative packs available, and the quick thermometer tests can be done by one person or by each worker regularly self-testing:




Pack a) With 10 disposable thermometers in a bag with an instruction leaflet, ideal for multiple staff testing

Pack b) With 1 re-useable thermometer in a bag with an instruction leaflet, ideal for individual self-testing

These thermometers are produced in our US premises, CE certified to European 93/42/EEC Medical Devices legislation standards.

Download the instruction leaflet:

Fever Line COVID-19- Sales Literature

Scientists say a second wave of Coronavirus could potentially be worse than the first if the correct measures are not taken.

Do what you can to lower the risks. Be ready and prepared, with one of our COVID-19 Safety Temp Tests.

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LCR Hallcrest is the global leader in Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometers and Thermochromic colour change technologies for healthcare and we look forward to serving the healthcare community in this time of crisis with diagnostic tools that demonstrate our continued commitment to furthering the availability of economical colour change medical temperature indicators through the unique properties of liquid crystals.

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About LCR Hallcrest: The company is the leading international manufacturer of “SMART” colour and chemical changing Labels, Thermometers, Pigments and Graphics that react to environmental and temperature fluctuations, providing visible evidence of change and measurement, with in-house design, development and manufacturing capability.