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Instant, accurate, easy to read Thermometers for the Medical and Healthcare markets.  And for COVID-19 testing, feverline® Forehead Temperature Fever Indicators for checking office staff, schools, factories, at home, and when travelling.

Continuous Temperature Trend Monitoring for the Peri-Operative Environment. With an easy to read Moving Line, they are comparable to Oesophageal Probes. Fast, Disposable and Latex Free

Digital Temperature Event Monitoring for the Peri-Operative Environment, ideal for monitoring trends and watching for Hypo/Hyperthermia. Pre and Post-Op Surveillance for hospital and home use. Available as both disposable and reusable. Latex Free

Steam Sterilisation Temperature Labels confirm that sterilisation conditions have been achieved, for medical and dental instruments, containers etc.

Briteline® and Britevent® Urine Specimen Temperature Verification Thermometers for Drug Testing.

COVID-19 / Fever Testing

Feverline Forehead Temperature Indicators to monitor for COVID-19 fevers

Clinitrend Anaesthesia Thermometer

Forehead / Anaesthesia

Forehead Temperature Indicators for Anaesthesia, PACU, Hospital and Home

Steam Sterilisation

Self-adhesive chemical process indicators designed to confirm whether steam exposure has been achieved

Drug testing thermometer strips

Drug Testing

Continuous Specimen Temperature Monitoring System