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Instant, accurate, easy to read Thermometers for the Medical and Healthcare market.

Continuous Temperature Trend Monitoring for the Peri-Operative Environment. With an easy to read Moving Line, they are comparable to Esophageal Probes. Fast, Disposable and Latex Free

Digital Temperature Event Monitoring for the Peri-Operative Environment, ideal for monitoring trends and watching for Hypo/Hyperthermia. Pre and Post-Op Surveillance for hospital and home use. Available as both disposable and reusable. Latex Free

BRITELINE® and BRITEVENT® Urine Specimen Temperature Verification Thermometer, Easy to Read Digital Event Strip with Adhesive Backing .

Forehead Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia Temperature Trend Monitor with Continuous Display.

Steam Sterilisation

Self-adhesive chemical process indicators


Forehead Temperature Indicators for Anaesthesia, PACU, Hospital and Home

Drug Testing

Continuous Specimen Temperature Monitoring System