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Home Safety

Our range of UK manufactured Temperature Indicators provide added safety and reassurance throughout the home.

Products include Hand Hot Surface Warning Labels, Fridge Thermometers, Forehead Fever Thermometers used to monitor body temperature, Aquarium/Reptile Thermometers, Battery Testers Hot Water Temperature gauges and Propane BBQ tank gauges.

Our products are long lasting, easy to use and help to ensure a safe environment.  We have a range of stock products available and can also produce any new design or shape to your artwork.

Aquarium Thermometer

Coldzone Thermometer

Family Fever Thermometers

Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Fridge Clip Thermometer

Gas Level Indicator

Household Battery Tester

Hand Hot Indicator

Hot Water Gauge

Aquarium Thermometer

Correct water temperature is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of your fish. This precision aquarium thermometer helps the fish tank owner maintain the ideal temperature for any species of tropical fish. Simply remove release paper and press firmly in place on the fish tank.

(Product made to order).

Coldzone Fridge Thermometer

Ensure your fridge is at its correct  temperature with this unique easy to read  thermometer. Produced using specialist Clearing Point Liquid Crystal, this fridge thermometer technology was specifically developed for use in millions of fridges manufactured in Europe.

The green OK panel appears when your fridge temperature is correctly at 5°C or below.

Accurate to ±0.5°C

  • Easy to read
  • Capable of thousands of  changes
  • Attach using adhesive or hook

Family Fever Thermometers

Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Liquid Crystal thermometers are for use  on the forehead area and estimate the core body temperature by measuring the temperature of the forehead. It is an ideal way to check for changes in temperature. A Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometer is not as accurate for determining the actual core body temperature as a clinical (oral / rectal) thermometer. Instead it is designed to be an unbreakable, quick reading device for temperature screening between uses of a clinical thermometer. These temperature indicators provide added safety in your home.


  • Reliable
  • Alerts to possible fever
  • Easy to Read
  • Fast, Latex Free
  • Temperature Range: 34.5  to 40.5°C (94  to 105°F)
  • Accurate to ±0.6ºC (±1ºF)
  • Mercury Free.   No Glass
  • Reusable

Fridge Thermometer Clip

This Fridge Thermometer ensures that your fridge is at the correct temperature. The plastic clip is specially designed to fit easily onto the front of your fridge shelf.

Using our latest east read liquid crystal technology, the fridge temperature is indicated by the moving coloured display.

Your fridge temperature should ideally be in the green 0-5°C cold zone.

  • Easy to read
  • Attaches easily onto shelf edge
  • Coloured display shows clearly when your fridge temperature is correct or getting too warm

Gas Level Indicator

Don’t run out of gas again !

The Gas Level Indicator indicates the level of gas remaining in the bottle.

The temperature difference causes one or more of the columns on the indicator to change colour to indicate where the level of the gas is.

The liquid level is shown precisely where the column on the indicator changes colour.

  • Magnetic or adhesive
  • Reusable and accurate
  • Shows the level of gas remaining.
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Easy to read

How it works –

As you use your gas cylinder (BBQ etc) some gas is drawn off, and inside the cylinder some of the liquid gas turns into gas.

When the liquid expands into gas it cools, making the gas in the upper part of the cylinder colder than the liquid in the lower part.

This temperature difference passes through into the metal cylinder wall and registers on the Gas Level Indicator placed on the outside of the cylinder.

As you use your gas cylinder,  lower the Gas Level Indicator down the cylinder to continue to monitor where the gas level is.

Renew the gas cylinder before the level reaches the bottom.

Household Battery Tester

A fast, simple system for monitoring battery strength, with easy to read colour change display.

This strong,  flexible, plastic strip is simply placed on the battery terminals where indicated for 15 seconds and read display. Strip will flex to accommodate different battery sizes.

Battery Status lights up as an easy to read coloor display, indicating battery strength. Our Household Battery Tester is packaged in a clear vinyl pouch with closing strap.

  • 2 year shelf life
  • Strong Flexible Plastic Strip
  • Easy to read colour display
  • Packaged in a Clear Vinyl pouch
  • Suitable for 1.5v, AAA, AA, C, D and 9v batteries

Hand Hot Indicator

Single Colour, circular Hand Hot warning Indicator

EasyReadTM   new Single Colour liquid crystal temperature indication label, shows when surfaces are too hot to touch. These temperature indicators provide added safety in your home.

Instant, accurate response with continuous reversible display, changing colour from black below 50°C to a red image above 50°C.

Size 37mm diameter (1.46”) with adhesive backing. Stock line. Non-toxic.

Can also be custom made to any temperatures between 0°C and 100°C

Hot Water Gauge