Hydrochromic inks are used to produce prints or coatings which change colour when exposed to water. There are four different types;

Solvent Based Hydrochromic Flexo Ink

The ink dries to a coloured film. The strong colour and opacity disappears on contact with water. The change is permanent. Works on paper, card, and print receptive plastics. Standard colours are blue and black but others could be available.

Solvent Based Wet & Reveal Screen Ink

A screen ink giving a reversible white print which clears on contact with water and in the transparent state reveals the substrate colour. Upon drying out, the white colour returns, hiding the underlying print. Ideal for printing on cars, boards, natural and synthetic plastics.

Water Based Wet & Reveal Screen Ink

Same colour-change function as solvent based but also capable of being used for textile printing. Should be cured by heating at 130 -150C for 3-5 minutes, or may be cured with our crosslinking agent added prior to printing.

Water Based Wash & Win

A coloured ink which can be used to obscure an underlying print. Standard colours are Navy Blue and Black, but custom colours could be possible. The dry ink film is permanently water sensitive and on wetting the coloured ink is washed off into the water. This is an irreversible colour change. Care should be taken to ensure the coloured water created is not likely to be a problem as staining may occur with this.

Aquachromic Solvent Based Screen Ink

A black oil based ink. This is used to print on paper. Prints release colour when in contact with water and the surrounding paper becomes coloured. Standard colours are red, yellow and blue. The original black areas of the print remain black


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