LCR Hallcrest produce Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, Photochromic and Liquid Crystal Inks, Coatings and finished items that change colour to solve their customers’ needs.

Having been at the forefront of specialist ink technology since 1969 and achieving many awards in the process, our Group are global leaders in the manufacture and development of these interactive materials.

Our experience and ability allows us to help at each stage of a project involving colour change, from ideation sessions with clients and their marketing agencies who are looking at increasing brand positioning, through to discussions with the designers to ensure that the materials are used to their full capabilities and finally, with the printers themselves to ensure that the best reactions are achieved. We work with print management companies to fulfill a brief or, we can produce final product. Wherever Colour Change technology is required, we can help to realise your specific goals.

As one of the only companies in the world to use its own products in the manufacture of finished articles, LCR Hallcrest can offer a wealth of experience as to how these materials work, the type of environment they are used in and the best way to achieve the most impact and WOW factor.

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Liquid Crystal




Chameleon® Hydrochromic Inks & Coatings react to the presence of water. We make Reversible and Irreversible Hydrochromic Inks.

These products can be used in applications revealing that a product has been exposed to water, such as a mobile phone, through to interactive game cards that reveal images or messages either reversible or permanently.


We produce two types of ink.

The first changes from a colour to white when exposed to water and remains so when dry again.

The second dissolves and washes off the surface revealing a message below.

These irreversible inks are available in Blue and Black.


This ink is white in appearance but become translucent when exposed to water and then reverts back to a white state when dry.

The reversible ink is available in white only.

Liquid Crystal

Liquid Crystals are highly responsive to temperature change, quickly changing colour reversibly as they are warmed or cooled.

The traditional presentation of these inks is against a black background where they reveal spectral colours (from red through greens and blues) when warmed, although other coloured backgrounds will influence and alter the resulting colours viewed.


Liquid crystal inks are mainly used for special colour changing effects, often tailored to react at body temperature when touched. We also produce highly accurate finished thermometers which are used in many applications from Fever Thermometers to monitoring Fridge Temperatures.



Photochromic inks change colour when exposed to ultraviolet light usually from the sun or a black light. The inks are effectively colourless indoors and turn into vibrant colour outdoors.

When brought back inside, the inks become clear again. The inks become intensely colored after only 15 seconds in direct sunshine and return to clear after about 5 minutes indoors.

Key features 

  • Near Invisible when not exposed to UV Light
  • Fast Reversible Transition – Intense colour in 15 seconds returns to clear after 5 minutes indoors
  • Sixteen standard colours including process colours are available
  • See individual product data sheets for a list of available stock colours
  • Available for print on textiles (plastisol or water based) and board (water based)
  • Washable without chlorine
  • Image Transformation-Hidden Messages – Game Pieces – Black and White Outline to Colour
  • Textiles – Glassware – Ceramics – Plastics



Chameleon Thermochromic Inks & Coatings change colour gradually in response to fluctuations in temperatures. There are both irreversible and reversible types.

Uses of these products generally fall into three areas: COLD, BODY and HOT and are used to enhance labels, give warnings, advice of correct consumption temperature, show proof of authenticity or simply act as an interactive game mechanism on cards and coasters.

Heat activated – These change from a coloured state at room temperature to a translucent colourless state when heated and can reveal messages or pictures beneath often used for Touch & Reveal or Rub & Reveal interactions. They revert back to their coloured state on cooling.

Cold Activated – These are colourless at room temperature and become coloured or reveal a message when chilled, becoming colourless again when warmed.


These inks change colour permanently when activated by increases in temperature from a colourless to a coloured state. The reaction is irreversible. We can produce screen or flexo systems.

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