LCR Hallcrest Launches High Volume Roll Format Temperature Labels

Roll to Roll Labels for High Volume Automated Application

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce the addition of a web-based roll formatted label production line. Liquid Crystal (LC) labels, temperature indicators and graphics are typically screen printed on a sheet then cut to size. The company has designed, developed and established a high-volume reel to reel liquid crystal label manufacturing capability.

Microencapsulated liquid crystals are classically printed on a substrate with a covering film forming a sandwich, trapping the liquid crystals within the layers. Roll formatted liquid crystal does not require a covering film and is dispensed as a dot from a micro pump on to a base layer, then dried in place.


  • High volume / low cost thermometers
  • Appropriate for automated applications
  • Specimen & laboratory jars
  • Quality and process control
  • Consumer products
  • Storage and handling convenience
  • Can be custom made to size, temperature events, adhesive and release liner
  • Temperature range -30 to 120⁰C
  • LC Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5⁰C / 1⁰F

“LCR Hallcrest produces over 100 Million Liquid Crystal thermometers annually and is the global leader in microencapsulated liquid crystal products” comments Russell Booth, Managing Director “and we see roll to roll label production as a demonstration of our continued commitment to furthering the availability of economical colour change temperature indicators through the unique properties of liquid crystals”

For further information, contact:

Phone: +44 (0) 1244 817107

LCR Hallcrest is the International leader in Colour Changing Temperature Indicating Technology and Graphics specialising in the micro-encapsulation of liquid crystal compounds and the development/manufacturing of products, inks, dyes and paints that change colour.