LCR Hallcrest produce Thermochromic, Hydrochromic, Photochromic and Liquid Crystal Inks, Coatings and finished items that change colour to solve their customers’ needs.

Having been at the forefront of specialist ink technology since 1969 and achieving many awards in the process, our Group are global leaders in the manufacture and development of these interactive materials.

Our experience and ability allows us to help at each stage of a project involving colour change, from ideation sessions with clients and their marketing agencies who are looking at increasing brand positioning, through to discussions with the designers to ensure that the materials are used to their full capabilities and finally, with the printers themselves to ensure that the best reactions are achieved. We work with print management companies to fulfill a brief or, we can produce final product. Wherever Colour Change technology is required, we can help to realise your specific goals.

As one of the only companies in the world to use its own products in the manufacture of finished articles, LCR Hallcrest can offer a wealth of experience as to how these materials work, the type of environment they are used in and the best way to achieve the most impact and WOW factor.

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Thermochromic Masterbatch is temperature sensitive and changes colour as its temperature changes.

There are two variants

Becoming a lighter colour as the temperature rises and reversing back to the original darker colour as the temperature is reduced below the activation temperature point.

Becoming a darker colour as the temperature is cooled and reversing back to the original lighter colour when the temperature is raised above its activation temperature point.

Colour to colour, colour to translucent and translucent to colour are available, many variations can be blended.

For injection moulding or extrusion.

Suitable for dosing into many polymers such as PP  PE  HDPE TPE  TPU PU  EVA  HIPS  PVC

We can produce any activation temperature from -15C up to +70C.  Some temperatures below are held as stock.

BPA Free & Phthalate Free


Our Phosphorescent Pellets/Masterbatch has been specially manufactured for injection moulding and extrusion and can be added to many types of standard plastic materials with ease to create stunning ‘Glow in the Dark’ products for fun or safety purposes.

Phosphors radiate visible light after being energized and require exposure to light for a while before they will glow in the dark. Phosphors then slowly release their stored energy over time. As they release the energy, they emit small amounts of light, which we see as an object glowing.

Used in the production of Toys, Bangles, Wristbands, Spoons, Shot Glasses, Bottles, Barware, Jewellery, Headwear, Pet Collars, Signs, Keyrings and much more ‘Phosphorescent’ MB can enhance and illuminate many moulded products.

BPA Free & Phthalate Free

Neutral pellets which when moulded and activated change to a vibrant yellowy green glow. The masterbatch is compatible with numerous plastic materials (PP, PE, PS, PET, TPE, TPU, PVC,HIPS.HDPE).


Photochromic Masterbatch is ultra violet sensitive. When placed in sunlight or near an ultra violet lamp it changes from clear to one of a selection of colours.

When removed from the UV source it changes back to the original colour.

Standard colours from stock: Colourless to Purple, Pale Green to Blue,  Colourless to Red

Other colours made to order, such as Yellow

For injection moulding or extrusion. Suitable for dosing into many polymers such as PP  PE  HDPE TPE  TPU PU  EVA  HIPS  PVC

BPA Free & Phthalate Free

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