LCR Hallcrest provides a solution for baristas who want to create the perfect frothed milk


Perfect froth forms between 62°C and 68°C depending on the type of milk you are frothing, foaming or steaming. Frothing allows airs to be pushed into the milk for your coffee which improves and sweetens the taste compared to flat milk. There’s a perfect temperature for perfect froth depending on the milk you use, and once you find it you can keep on making light smooth rich froth every time.


To develop a thermometer which could be used to measure the temperature of frothed milk for Coffee. The client required a measuring device which could be easily read, but would also be hygienic.


As a global leader in liquid crystal thermometry we were readily able to develop a product which could be applied to the outside of a stainless steel jug, holding the steamed frothed milk. The CapperfectionTM Froth Meter, a Liquid Crystal 3 Event Thermometer Strip combining critical temperatures 60°C, 65°C , 70°C adheres to the frothing jug and changes colour progressively as the temperature of the milk rises allowing the barista to judge the perfect temperature, precisely, every time. Simple to apply, simple to use, reliable and long lasting.