PPG Provides National Hockey League with Thermochromic Puck Coatings for 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

Pucks Change From Purple to Clear Above Freezing

LCR Hallcrest Recognised as Technology Partner

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to be identified as technology partner in the development of a thermochromic coating by PPG for NHL hockey pucks. The colour changing coating will change from purple to clear when a puck’s temperature is above freezing, providing visual indication that the puck should be replaced.

Hockey pucks perform best frozen, they slide smoother and faster with minimal bouncing. Officials monitor the temperature change of pucks in play, changing pucks as necessary to maintain the integrity of the game. Now the puck coating will change from purple to clear, above freezing providing game officials a more accurate visual alert as to the need for a replacement puck.

“LCR Hallcrest is a specialist in the formulation and microencapsulation of color changing mixtures, for thermochromic temperature indicators, has worked closely with PPG, NHL and QCR Solutions in developing and suppling a custom leuco dye pigment, that is dispersed into an ink system, for screen printing directly on to an NHL puck. The pigment and ink/coating are designed to be robust, meeting the specific temperature, adhesion and color transition parameters, necessary to perform as required during the harshness associated with the game of hockey”. comments Scott Szafraniec National Sales Manager LCR Hallcrest,

“Creative solutions to improving the performance of an object or process is what we do best remarks, “Rocky Sapienza V.P. of Operations, “and this temperature driven color change puck illustrates our ability, to work with multiple partners, in the development of visual temperature indicators that will perform, in a challenging environment. 

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About LCR Hallcrest: The company is the leading international manufacturer of “SMART” colour and chemical changing Labels, Thermometers, Pigments and Graphics that react to environmental and temperature fluctuations, providing visible evidence of change and measurement, with in-house design, development and manufacturing capability.