Thermal Conductivity & Radiation

Thermal Conductivity Bars, from our Thermosmart products for education range, demonstrate the comparable thermal conductivity of four different metals; copper, aluminium, brass and steel.

Thermal Radiation Absorption Discs show how surface colour and texture affect the rates of absorption of radiant heat, and subsequent  different rates of cooling.

(see literature for experiments)

Thermal Conductivity Bars

Thermal Radiation Discs

Thermal Conductivity Bars

Product Specifications: Interactive colour changing materials for the learning environment

THERMOSMART®  thermal conductivity bars, from LCR’s Thermosmart products for education range,  demonstrate the comparable thermal conductivity of four different metal, copper, aluminium, brass and steel.

The Conductivity Kit can be used to investigate rates of conductivity when subjected to a heat source and a cold source.  The temperature sensitive liquid crystal strip on each bar changes colour to show the temperature graduation along each bar.

Supplied as a set of 4 metal bars (copper, aluminium, brass and steel) with a rigid plastic carrier into which they clip.

Each bar has a liquid crystal temperature sensitive strip attached a with graduation scale, which changes colour between 35°C and 45°C.   Thermal conductivity values are printed on the rear.

Thermal Radiation Discs

Product Specifications: 

THERMOSMART® thermal radiation absorption discs can be used to investigate rates of cooling, the effects of surface colour and texture, inverse square law, and equilibrium between absorption and emission..  The liquid crystal on each disc shows how  absorption of heat radiation depends on surface colour, reflectivity and texture. Each disc has a different surface finish.

Supplied in a set of 4 aluminium discs, with a holder.

Discs measure temperatures from 30°C to 65°C in 5°C increments.

Discs have different surface finishes: matte black, mirror black, matte silver, mirror silver.

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