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LCR create ICE Colour Changing Bottle


Vodka is at its optimum temperature for consumption between: 8C (46.4F) – 12C (53.6 F) so we were delighted to learn that Ukrianian distiller Khortytsa’s latest new addition to its range of vodkas, aptly named ICE, were looking for a unique promotion.


To cleverly inform the consumer that chilled consumption of the drink adds to the ultimate taste experience


Working with Ukrainian Glassware Decoration company, DanCo Décor Ltd, to supply specialist Thermochromic Slurry to create a unique effect on the bottles. ICE’s subtle concoction of cool flavours; mint, lime and menthol, is supported by the addition of the chilled innovative Thermochromic colour changing properties within the bottle design. The bottles vibrantly change colour from white matt to saturated blue when placed in the fridge or chiller, informing the consumer that the vodka is at its optimum temperature for consumption. The change in colour informs the consumer that chilled consumption adds to the ultimate taste experience. It’s a beautifully designed bottle which DanCo Décor have won a much coveted packaging Award for the creative design. DanCo Décor Ltd won the best packaging design award for Khortytsa at the 2013 Ukranian Star of Packaging Awards. There were 84 competitors within the ‘Packaging’ category but only one winner!